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  When you sell copywriting to your clients, their websites will achieve more sales and better results. 把文案出售给你的客户,让他们网站获得更好的销售和效果。 In addition, your projects will run more smoothly and efficiently. By the end of this article, you"ll be ready to sometimes even double your revenue and delight your clients at the same time. 读完本文,你就知道怎么既让客户高兴,同时也获得双倍的回报。 Do you or have you considered offering copywriting services to your clients? Please share your views in the comments! 你曾经有没或者考虑过向客户销售文案服务呢?欢迎在评论谈谈你的看法。 Time is money 时间就是金钱On most websites, more time is spent on copywriting than design. If you are not involved in copywriting, more than 50% of the website creation process is happening out with your agency. This is a waste of revenue in the short term, and a profound waste of revenue in the long term. 大多数的网站,时间更多的花费在文案而非设计。如果你没有参与文案撰稿,超过50%的网站工作将于你(团队)无关。这在短期内属于浪费收入,而在长期则是绝对浪费。 By keeping a connection with clients, they are more likely to use and recommend your services. When you provide copywriting, you develop a deeper relationship with your clients. 保持与客户的联系,这样他们更容易使用和宣传你的服务。而当你向客户提供文案时,正是你与客户加深关系的时候。 Pick your friends wisely 明智选择搭档Most creative people have experienced the nightmare of incompetent partners: an SEO charlatan intent on keyword stuffing and reciprocal linking; the client"s in house copywriter who takes month to write content unsuitable for the web or even human consumption. When your client chooses your partners, they create an opportunity to ruin your good work and reputation. 最富有创意的人也都会遭遇过不称职的合作搭档带来的梦魇:一个SEO骗子意图关键字优化和交换链接;客户花费了上个月来的内部文案不再适合于网络,甚至不适合人的消费习惯。当你的客户选择你的合作伙伴的时候,很可能是创造一个这样良好的机会 毁掉你的工作和声誉。 Even though it"s the web hosts fault your client"s website is offline, your prospects don"t know that. When a website doesn"t rank in Google, your prospects won"t blame the SEO firm – they"ll blame you. When a web design firm has an incompetent partner on a project, that"s another opportunity wasted to create a good case study and portfolio piece. 即使是你的网络主机故障导致客户网站离线,你的客户并不理解这一点。而当网站在谷歌上没有排名,你的客户也不会责怪SEO公司 他们会责怪你。当一个网页设计公司某个项目遇到不专业的合作伙伴,那创造良好的案例的机会便会白白浪费。 Even though you didn"t write it, prospects will blame you for bad copy on your client"s site. Grammar mistakes don"t reflect well on anyone. When you choose your partners, you increase the likelihood of success. Clients make more money and use your services again; you make more money and have great case studies and portfolio pieces. Time can be wasted and deadlines missed by a failure of clients to send you copy on time. When you sell copywriting services, you improve efficiency and the speed of website deployment. 客户没有及时给你发送文案即浪费了时间也可能因而错过项目截至日期。而如果你销售文案服务,不但提高效率还加快了网站部署的速度。 Best results 最佳结果As a copywriter, one of my biggest frustrations is writing copy for a website that"s poorly designed. There"s one thing that all my favorite projects have in common: collaboration with a great team. You can ensure you work with the best team, every time, by choosing the copywriter you work with. 作为文案人员,我最大的挫折之一是为一个设计不良的网站写内容。我最喜欢的项目有一个共同点:跟优秀的团队合作。选择合适的文案,能保证跟你一起工作的是最好的团队。 An experienced copywriter will know how to capture your client"s tone of voice and deliver improved sales for their business. Give your clients an opportunity to achieve their full potential. 有经验的文案甚至知道如何捕捉你的客户的语音语调从而完善客户的销售业务。给你的客户得以机会实现其全部的潜力。 Selecting a copywriting partner 选择一个文案搭档As a web design agency, make sure you choose copywriters that are web literate. At minimum, they should have knowledge in the following areas: 作为一个网页设计机构,确保你选择的文案人员剧本web方面的文化修养。至少,他们应该在以下几个方面的知识: SEO:Even the most primitive of web copywriter will claim to have knowledge about SEO; you must look beyond the rhetoric to judge their capacity. They should know how to weave keywords into copy without any noticeable difference to quality; they should make sophisticated keyword selections, balancing competitiveness, keyword volume and the qualification of traffic. Quiz them on broader topics too: would you recommend a 301 or 302 redirect in scenario A? 搜索引擎优化:即使是最菜的文案也会声称自己熟悉SEO知识,你必须客观于他们的言论而判断他们的能力。他们应该知道如何在文案中揉入关键词而没有对文案质量造成影响,他们应该对关键字选择,平衡竞争,关键词数量以及流量限制等十分老到,也可以问他们这样的问题:你会推荐301或302重定向方案么? Technical:It is possible but rare to find good web copywriters with poor technical skills. A competent web copywriter will know HTML and feel comfortable inside your client"s CMS.技术:可能是有的,但很少找到一个优秀的文案却对技术一无所知的人。一个称职的网站文案大都会知道了解HTML, 对客户的CMS系统感觉良好。培训seo教学课程 Social media: Having a Twitter or Facebook account proves nothing; you should expect examples of viral marketing success. Ask to see their articles that set the blogosphere on fire. For sales copywriting this is not essential, but it should be a prerequisite for blogging and social media campaigns.社交媒体:拥有一个Twitter或Facebook帐户说明不了什么,而是应该有这方面的成功营销的例子。请他们给你看看有没火爆的博客文章。对于文案销售,这不是必须的,但它是博客和社交媒体宣传的一个前提。培训seo教学课程 There are many good copywriters that do not have the above skills. They might be good at writing brochures, but are unlikely to be the most qualified for web copywriting. Once you have identified copywriters with the minimum requirements, evaluate their portfolio to see if they"re a good fit for you and your clients. 1. Sell copywriting services direct to your client.You markup the price, bill your client directly and pay for the copywriting services. Under this model, you should expect good price discounts and achieve comfortable profit margins. 1.直接将文案服务销售给你的客户。标出价格,直接给客户开出文案服务部分的账单。在这个模式下,你既可以有很好的价格折扣,还保留客观的利润空间。 2. Referrals.You put your copywriting partner in touch with your client and recommend their services. Then, ask your copywriting partner to agree upon a referral commission. 2. 中介。让你的文案搭档联系你的客户并推荐他们的服务。然后,你可以和你的文案搭档商定中介回扣。 Sales integration: the secret to doubling your sales 销售一体化:销售翻倍的秘诀If you find a copywriting partner, it might be a good way to achieve some extra revenue and client satisfaction. But, you must fundamentally change your sales process to double your sales. 如果你找到一个文案搭档,这也许是你增加额外收入和增加用户满意度的一种方式,但你要翻倍你的销售额的话你还需要从根本上改变你的销售流程。 Always ask:Each time a client requests a quote, ask if they would like to receive a copywriting proposal on their project. Contact existing clients and ask them if they would like to receive a copywriting proposal to improve their website content. 总是询问:每次客户要询价的时候,询问一下他们在项目中是否要接受文案建议。联系现有的客户,询问他们是否需要一个建议文案以改善他们的网站内容。 Recommend:You should have selected your copywriting partner because they"re the best. So, explain this to your client. Your clients trust your web expertise, so make sure clients understand the benefits of working with a web copywriting professional. 推荐:你应该选择好文案搭档,因为他们会带来最大好处。因此,seo培训学习向你的客户解释一下,你的客户信任你网站方面的专业知识,所以一定要确保客户理解跟网站文案合作的好处。 Partner proposals:Each time you ask your clients if they would like a copywriting proposal, you should pass on the details to your copywriting partner. Then, they should produce a free proposal for your client. If you will be billing your client, they should prepare the proposal and send it back to you. Then, you can markup the price and send it off to the client. 搭档的提案:每次询问你的客户是否需要文案建议时,你应该把详细情况转给你的文案。然后,文案为你客户给出一个免费的提案。如果你客户确定需要,文案应该准备提案,并给到你。然后,你可以标上价格,把它发给客户。 Optimizing success:The proposal should not just include the offer of writing copy for their website under development. Make sure your copywriting partner offers services that they could use month after month: blog posts, newsletters, articles and social media engagement.优化成功:提案不仅包括开发中网站的文案。确保你文案搭档会提供连续的月度服务:博客,新闻,文章和社交媒体等。 Alan Martin is a web copywriter at Cooper Murphy, the boutiquecopywriters. Cooper Murphy"s services include website copywriting and annual report copywriting. Alan Martin是Cooper Murphy的网页文案,优秀的文案人员。Cooper Murphy的服务包括网站文案和文案年度报告。免责声明 本文仅代表作者本人观点,与和讯网无关。和讯网站对文中陈述、观点判断保持中立,不对所包含内容的准确性、可靠性或完整性提供任何明示或暗示的保证。请读者仅作参考,并请自行承担全部责任。